Sri Lanka’s Most Unique Gemstones

19 11 2006

Blue Giant of the Orient – 466 carats

Blue Giant of the Orient, 466 carats – “The Morning Leader” a news paper in Sri Lanka on August 23, 1907 published the following news item under the headline “A moonstone Sapphire worth 7000 pounds”. The stone was mined in Ratnapura district. In its finished state it is 2 1/2 inches long, 1 3/4 broad and its greatest thickness 3/4 of an inch. The Sapphire, there is every reason to believe is the largest sapphire in the world.This gem is in the collection of an American gem and art collector.

Logan Blue Sapphire – 423 carats

Considered to be the second largest blue sapphire in the world on record. A flawless specimen with a rich deep blue, the stone was gifted to The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC by John Logan.

Blue Belle of Asia – 400 carats

Discovered in the paddy fields of Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka in 1926, the Blue Belle is held in high esteem because of its peacock blue colour and excellent clarity. Today, it is part of the collection of a British gem investor.

Star of India – 563 carats

The second largest star sapphire in the world was discovered in Sri Lanka. It is almost flawless and unusual in that it has stars on both sides of the stone. Part of the collection of the American Museum of Natural history.

Star of Lanka – 362 carats

Third largest star sapphire on record. The phenomenal stone is a rich deep-blue in colour and has a well-defined six-ray star. Owned by the National Gem & Jewellery Authority in Sri Lanka.

Rosser Reeves Star Ruby – 138 carats

The world’s largest star ruby combining excellent colour, good transparency and a well-defined star. Part of the United States National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian Institute.

Hope Cat’s Eye – over 500 carats

Probably the largest chrysoberyl cat’s eye in the world, it was previously part of the collection of Thomas Hope, the wealthy British banker and gem investor. This cat’s eye is carved to represent an alter surmounted by a torch. Exhibited at the British Museum of Natural History.

Ray of Treasure – 103 carats

The stone displays the most desirable qualities of a "milk and honey" effect, with good transparency and a well-defined silvery star. An almost flawless specimen, its cut and proportions are excellent. It is part of the collection of the Sri Lanka National Gem & Jewellery Authority.

Recent discoveries of large sapphires

  1. Orange Sapphire (825 Carats) – This was found from a gem pit at Kuruwita in Ratnapura district. It was transparent and free of cracks.

  2. Blue Sapphire (856 Carats) – This was found in a gem pit at Hakamuwa close to Ratnapura city in 1998. This was named as “Pride of Lanka”.

  3. Blue Sapphire (8042 Carats) – This was found in a gem pit at Pelmadulla in Ratnapura district. It was named as “Splendour of Lanka”.

  4. Blue Sapphire (2516 Carats) – This was found in a river bank at Ellawala in Ratnapura district. It was transparent.

  5. Blue Sapphire (4002 Carats) – This was found in a gem pit at Neelagama in Ratnapura district in the year 2000.

  6. Blue Sapphire (254 carats) – This deep Blue Sapphire was found in a gem pit at Ganegama near Pelmadulla in Ratnapura district. According to the reports received following Blue Sapphires were mined during this year in Ratnapura district

i. 1200 Carat Blue Sapphire – Kosgala.

ii. 138 Carat Blue Sapphire – Watapotha.

iii. 260 Carat Blue Sapphire – Pelawela.

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20 05 2008

This Sucks Well Still Is Educational

15 06 2008

Dear sir,

Could you help me to sale my blue sapphire ring?



8 07 2009

sir i had the largets cat eyes ever seen… will surprissed by it size….if you don’t belive it i can post it…but please keep this secret…i don’t know how to bring it to christy in hongkong…or other auction.
my name is miko i’m from indonesia…

31 01 2012

Dear Sir,

I have some gems of white and yellow sappires need to sell not
so big in size avarage size is around .90 carets a piece. I am in Sri Lanka
i have around 58 carots for selling. These are not burned ones.

Please help me to sell this items.



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